Let us help with your Christmas shopping

Did you know that as much as £126 million is wasted each year on last minute Christmas shopping by men!

We’d like to take the stress out of Christmas shopping this year with our gift vouchers.

Do you or your partner leave Christmas shopping until the last minute? Well you are not alone! A survey conducted earlier this year discovered that over a quarter of men (26.30%) buy most of their Christmas shopping at the last minute: either the third week of December or the few days before Christmas. Ladies are generally far more organised, with over half (54.8%) buying most of their Christmas shopping before the first week of December.

Are you determined to be more organised this year and not run around the shops in a panic a few days before Christmas? The study showed that if you leave your shopping to the last minute you will end up spending more than you had planned, quite often on unwanted gifts.

Last Christmas, Care International commissioned a poll to help warn people against buying gifts that are not going to be appreciated. The charity’s poll found that “men could waste over £126 million on unwanted Christmas gifts in the frenzy of last-minute shopping.”

So, this year why not take the stress out of Christmas shopping and get a present that is guaranteed to generate smiles on Christmas morning, with our gift vouchers? The vouchers come beautifully presented, all ready to put straight under the tree. They make the perfect present as they can be used in any salon on any treatment or product. You can also spend exactly the amount you please, so whether the gift is for a school teacher or a loved one, you pick the amount.

Our gift vouchers can be purchased in any of our salons, over the phone or online by clicking on this link. Simple! Now you can sit back, relax and look forward to Christmas.